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Life Enrichment 

Joining our Life Enrichment Membership program is the perfect way to improve your health outcomes and enhance your wellbeing. We offer three levels of membership – Plus, Inclusive, and Platinum – each with uniques benefits and services. Our Plus Membership is FREE, so don't delay – sign up today and start enjoying the benefits!


Let's plan for tomorrow together!

Membership Consultation

Your membership with All About Kupuna Care will enable you to take full advantage of our many services.

Schedule a consultation with one of our Care Advisors to discuss your unique situation and learn more about how we can help!

Choose your membership plan

  • Life Enrichment PLUS

    Free basic membership; receive news and resources via email with our monthly newsletter.
    Free Plan
    • Life Enrichment Membership
  • Inclusive Membership

    Every month
    The Inclusive Membership includes up to 2 hours of services and a monthly care advisor visit.
    • 2 hours of services of your choosing
    • One monthly care advisor visit
  • Platinum Membership

    Every month
    This is our top level membership to get you the services that you need most!
    • 5 hours of services of your choosing
    • A monthly care advisor visit
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